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Soft Revolution: How to Be Productive and Manage Everything?
We will provide a set of flexible tools and skills that enable learners to maintain control from day to day and achieve important goals: collecting all incoming information in external "baskets", regularly processing all information collected, applying the two-minute rule, making decisions, tracking actions by context, delegating and corresponding follow-up of delegated tasks, a streamlined reference system and an understanding of the six horizons of focus.
Soft Revolution:
How to Interact with a Business Customer?
We provide a set of tools for interacting with a business customer. We will provide tools to determine reasons why parties resist and to develop ways of overcoming this resistance.
Soft Revolution: How to Speak Interesting Publicly?
We will improve skills for preparing and conducting public speeches in the following formats: "transfer of values", "training colleagues", and "selling your ideas to management". We will provide learners with tools to prepare step-by-step for public speaking.
Systemic Thinking
We will engage in product development and/or process re-engineering (allowing you to comprehensively analyze any project, including hidden influence factors). We will formulate skills for system interpretation and systemic thinking. We will teach how to identify the relationships and limitations within a system and the influence that system elements have on each other. We will develop knowledge of approaches to the implementation of systemic tasks in conditions of uncertainty.
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
We will introduce company leaders to key technologies and tools in artificial intelligence (AI). We will teach how to formulate the basic requirements for developing and implementing systems with AI elements.
Applied Data Analysis (Big Data I)
We will introduce learners to the basic concepts in applied statistics, data types and their analysis. We will formulate skills for making basic management decisions based on data.
Data Analysis Project Management
We will provide key knowledge on the basic principles of data discovery methodology. We will study how to analyze data types and algorithms for working with data. We will learn the basic job description and principles of working as a data scientist.
Management Analysis and Big Data (Big Data II)
We will teach how to interpret and use the results of data analysis and machine learning. We will also study the basic concepts of Big Data and technological facilities for problem-solving in business
Sberbank Mini-MBA
A professional retraining program for high-potential line managers developed in accordance with the best international practices in training managers. It provides an opportunity to obtain a modern business education while gaining unique experience in cross-functional and cross-territorial interaction, exchanging best business practices and developing both at a professional and personal level.
Digital Business Transformation
Training digital transformation leaders who are able to correctly formulate and solve tasks for the digitalization of business and public administration from strategy to product implementation.
Problem Solving
Problem Solving is a professional development program for high-potential line managers developed in accordance with the best international practices in training managers. It provides an opportunity to obtain tools for formulating and structuring problems, to acquire logical reasoning skills, and to make informed conclusions and develop cognitive flexibility
*Check with the program manager for exact dates
Design Thinking: From Insights to Innovation
Design Thinking is a person-centered approach to creating innovative solutions. The main aim of the program is to train company executives in design thinking methodology to promote the formation of a culture of experimentation and the creation of innovative solutions.
*Check with the program manager for exact dates
Designing Customer Experience
The Designing Customer Experience program combines the best practices of two of the Corporate University's best-selling programs—Design Thinking: From Insights to Innovation and Problem Solving.
Combining the two effective program methodologies gives learners the opportunity to solve the specific problems of their business, opening up new possibilities that were previously unnoticed, by becoming immersed in the customer's experience, using business tools and a creative approach.
*Check with the program manager for exact dates

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