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Presentation by Alexey Lipchanskiy at the youth camp attracted maximum audience

On July 17, Alexey Lipchanskiy, Head of IT-school of Academy of Technology and Data of Sberbank Corporate University, gave a lecture at the youth forum “Birusa” in Krasnoyarsk about the global technology trends and culture of work with data science. His lecture was one of the most popular presentations at the event. Around 150 young professionals in various job fields from economics to charity attended it. The lecture was followed by a session of Q&A, during which Mr. Lipchanskiy told about the jobs that would be highly demanded in the future, and also talked about career opportunities in Sberbank. According to Lipchanskiy, “Birusa” camp was a good chance to check how innovative strategy is perceived by the clients, including those who come from the most progressive organizations and universities in Siberia. “I was glad to learn that people with different background have no difficulty in understanding the program of Digital Skills prepared by the Academy of Technology and Data”,- says Lipchanskiy. “It is one more evidence that the approach we chose at the Corporate University while making programs will help us to achieve our goals”, he adds.

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