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Corporate University graduates' projects got to the final shortlist of Sber#Up accelerator

Two projects of the participants of Sberbank-LBS Executive Development Programme, which is one of the leading programmes of the Corporate University, succeeded in attracting financing within the Sber#Up accelerator as winning projects. They will be included in the bank’s ecosystem. This programme is arranged in cooperation with the London School of Business.  The SportMe project which got the status of the best project and received 6 million rubles was developed at the current intake of the programme. It is a platform solution for encouraging corporate employees to become involved in sports activities. The StilusBot project was the first independent project from a graduate of the previous intake, Yevgeniya Churbanova, managing director and deputy director of Sberbank’s Marketing and Communications Department. It is a chat-bot where anyone can get advice from a stylist on how to mix their clothes. “I can definitely say that taking part in the Executive Development Program was the driving force behind my involvement and success in the accelerator. Firstly, I gained skills in launching a project. Secondly, I learned how to effectively plan my time. Finally, I had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people who supported me from the very beginning of my new project,” said Yevgeniya Churbanova. 6 out of 12 projects received 27.1 million rubles of investment from the bank. Any Sberbank employee can take part in Sber#Up to receive support in setting up their own IT business. This is the bank’s first attempt to work with projects at their early stages. Participants of the accelerator receive training, liaise with established entrepreneurs, and analyze the market. Only the strongest teams with a proven demand for their products get to the final stage. The aim of the accelerator is to support projects that will become a part of the bank’s ecosystem under its Strategy 2020.

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