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21st EduTech seminar focused on new formats of blended learning

On September 26 representatives from almost 300 companies and 265 universities and business-schools, attended the 21st EduTech seminar on the new formats of blended learning. Over 900 people participated in the seminar. 82 of them attended the event in person, and 842 watched the seminar online. The Bank employees also took part in the seminar. During the seminar, the participants discussed the impact of digitalization on blended learning. They also talked about the new formats – meetup, hackathon and boot camp – that CU and Raiffeisen bank use in educating their managers. Finally, they talked about the effects of implementing blended learning in the state universities and the motivational tools in blended learning. Among the speakers were managers and experts in corporate learning: · Alexey Lipchanskiy. Head of IT-school of Academy of Technology and Data · Yulia Kramkova, Senior manager of the educational projects, Vice-president of Raiffeisen bank · Natalia Andreeva, Head of the Centre of blended learning · Tamara Kocharova, Head of development of OBLAKO Group · Oleg Zamyshlaev, Founder of the “Digital trainer” platform · Maria Pankova, Learning designer of CONTENTED · Evgeniy Stroinov, General director of CONTENTED · Alexey Dral, General director of BigData Team · Andrey Grekhov, Technical specialist of a non-commercial organization “School 21”

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