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CU hosts the first tour of the International Economics Olympiad

On September 15, the Corporate University hosted the opening of the First International Economics Olympiad. 65 students from all over the world also took part in the first tour of the Olympiad. The Olympiad was organized by the High School of Economics (HSE) with the support of the Sberbank charity fund “Investment in the future” and Russian Economic School (RES). Among the speakers who took the stage at the opening were deputy minister of finance Anton Kotyakov, deputy chairman of the executive board Bella Zlatkis, dean of HSE Yaroslav Kuzminov, dean of the RES Ruben Enikolopov and the head of the board of trustees – Harvard University professor and the winner of the Nobel prize in 2007 Eric Maskin. Mr. Maskin has reminded the guests of the impact that the problems in the national economy usually make on other spheres. “I do not happen to agree with Karl Marx on everything, but one thing I agree with him on is the importance of economics – it is the foundation of civilization. When things go wrong with the economy, everything else goes wrong, too. And we see that now 10 years after the financial crisis we are not completely recovered. And so it is very reassuring to me that there are young people coming to the economics. We are going to rely on you to solve the economic problems!”, said Eric Maskin. The topic of the first tour of the Olympiade was financial literacy and was organized in form of a game. The contestants were asked to achieve a financial goal through making investment decisions and interpreting the news. Some contestants later said that interpreting the news headlines was the most challenging in the game. They also recommended investing in the bonds and Swiss banks. Representatives from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Latvia scored better than the rest in the first tour. The game will last during a week and will consist of three tours. Each tour will have a new topic – economics, financial literacy, and business-case solving.

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